Carrie Rudzinski: Live at the Boston Poetry Slam
The Endless Return Home
Carrie Rudzinski

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Sean Patrick Mulroy - “Who We Are (After Ke$ha)”

"The South, you know it swallows up whatever queer that it can catch."

Performing for Boston at the 2014 National Poetry Slam. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

My good friend and incredible writer, Sean Patrick Mulroy.


brave-the-fall asked: Do you have a publisher I could buy your books from directly? They're virtually nonexistent on amazon and everywhere else, and I might die if I can't get them. I am hopeless in love with your work

Oh my goodness I promise it is easy to get one of my books.

Amazon directly prints copies of “The Shotgun Speaks” which you can order here:

I have an E-book, which you can download directly to your computer/iphone/kindle and read (download the Kindle app for free):

And you can order my book “The Endless Return Home” directly from me (and get a signed copy) by purchasing it through the paypal link at the top of my tumblr page:

Hope this helps! Don’t die! xoxo

PS: Direct publisher link for my e-book is

My favorite candle company: Wickscraft & Wizardry.

Sometimes I get angry. 

Sometimes I get angry. 

Just saying.

Just saying.

In America no one looks at you and everyone stares — Carrie Rudzinski (via strifeandwonder)